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Wisconsin Assembly delays vote on likely veto-bound $2B income tax cut

Wisconsin Assembly delays vote on likely veto-bound $2B income tax cut

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature on Thursday delayed giving final approval to a $2 billion income tax cut that’s part of a package also targeting child care costs, which Democratic Gov. Tony Evers is expected to veto.

The Senate passed the proposal last month, so the Assembly’s approval will send it to Evers.


Republicans gutted a $1 billion Evers package he called on them to pass in a special session in September and instead put forward an income tax cut Evers has already vetoed.

Evers and the Legislature have been at odds for months over tax cuts and funding for child care services.

Evers had called on the Legislature to pass a package that included $365 million in new child care funding; a $65 million boost in University of Wisconsin funding; $200 million to pay for a new engineering building at UW-Madison; $243 million to create a new 12-week family medical leave program for Wisconsin workers and millions more for workforce education and grant programs.

Republicans rejected that in favor of their alternative plan. It was originally up for final approval Thursday, but the vote was delayed until Tuesday.

The measure would cut taxes from 5.3% to 4.4% for individual income between $27,630 and $304,170 and married couples between $18,420 and $405,550.