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US stops its aid efforts in Ghor, Afghanistan

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has suspended operations in the western province of Ghor in Afghanistan due to ongoing insecurity. This was announced by USAID on April 17, 2021, but the agency gave no further details.

USAID’s operations in Ghor are related to the implementation of development project designed to provide basic services to the people of Ghor. USAID regularly collaborates with Afghanistan government and local organizations to conduct such operations in Ghor. This suspension of operations is likely to affect the delivery of basic services such as education, health, and infrastructure in the province.

Ghor is among the poorest provinces in Afghanistan and is also considered to be highly insecure. It has seen an increase in violence in recent months due to a rise in Taliban activity in the region. The province has been a key focus of the Afghan peace process as it is considered to be a strategic location for accessing the majority of the provinces in Afghanistan.

USAID’s suspension of operations in Ghor is likely to have long term implications for the people of the province. The humanitarian and security situation is likely to further deteriorate if the insecurity continues, further exacerbating already existing problems. USAID will need to quickly find a way to link