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The Bahamas are in a perpetual state of climate change adaptation

In the Bahamas, residents are facing a constant race to keep up with the effects of climate change. Rising sea levels threaten to destroy the low-lying islands that make up the country, while climate-related changes to weather patterns and ocean chemistry are threatening to disrupt marine ecosystems throughout the Bahamas.

Additionally, increases in sea surface temperature and air temperature threaten to damage coral reefs and other coastal ecosystems. Residents of the Bahamas are already beginning to experience the effects of climate change, as they are required to take increasingly more difficult actions to protect both the natural and built environment. People are forced to confront difficult decisions concerning whether to relocate to higher ground or invest in more climate resilient infrastructure.

To meet these challenges, the Bahamian government is taking steps to develop climate adaptation and resilience strategies and increase data and monitoring capabilities. They are also partnering with international organizations such as the UN and USAID to find and fund more climate solutions.