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Soon, WhatsApp will launch a username function. This is how it will proceed

WhatsApp is reportedly working on introducing a new username feature that will allow users to be identified by a name, similar to how Instagram works. The feature is still in its testing phase and while there is still no information on when the feature will be available for use, experts predict that it should be launched soon.

Once the feature is available, users will be able to set up a personal username for their WhatsApp account to be recognized by. This username functions independently from the linked phone number, meaning it can be used by various users to identify other users on the platform.

The username will be displayed at the top of a user’s profile and when sent in chats. Additionally, the new feature will also allow users to search for contacts using usernames instead of phone numbers. This means that users can look up another user based on their username, even if they don’t know the other user’s phone number.

The WhatsApp username feature is still being developed and further details on how it will work are yet to be revealed.