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Japan and the UAE reach an agreement for the exchange of defence technology

Japan has struck a deal with the United Arab Emirates for defense equipment and technology transfers, bringing it one step closer to becoming the first nation in Asia to export defense equipment.

The deal was announced by Japan’s Ministry of Defense on Wednesday and reportedly includes sales of aircraft and other technology for the UAE’s air defense system.

The agreement between Tokyo and Abu Dhabi also covers the export of Japanese defense equipment and technology to the UAE in an effort to maintain and improve the strategic partnership between the two nations.

The deal marks a new milestone for Japan, which opened up its US-style defense export policy in 2011. Since then, Japan has signed defense-related memoranda of understanding with the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Australia, India, and the United Kingdom, as well as other countries.

Japan will now be in a better position to compete with countries like the U.S. and Russia in the global defense market. With a more secure financing structure, Tokyo is now looking to sell its defense equipment and technologies to countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. However, Japan remains cautious and is likely to limit exports to countries with friendly ties and strategic interest.