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‘Inconvenient realities’ concerning Australia’s relationship with First Nations people must be accepted.

Australia has a long history of negative relationships with First Nations people, particularly in the wake of the suppression of culture, land dispossession and the introduction of non-traditional lifestyles. This has been compounded in the recent years by over-representation in prisons and the child protection system and continuing systemic discrimination.

These issues cannot be dismissed or ignored; if Australia is to have a positive relationship with its First Nations people it must accept the ‘inconvenient truths’. This includes acknowledging both past wrongs and current times of inequality. This means listening to the stories of First Nations people, and engaging in meaningful dialogue, action and consultation to ensure future progress.

The Australian Government must be prepared to invest political will, funding and other resources into addressing underlying socio-economic issues and barriers. Governments at all levels must be committed to working collaboratively with Indigenous Australians with a view to achieving meaningful change and creating a just and equitable Australia.

Further, Australians must become informed of the histories and realities of First Nations people.

This includes understanding the achievements, impacts and causes of colonisation, and engaging in meaningful conversations to bring about positive social outcomes.

Ultimately, by accepting the ‘inconvenient truths’ of the past and the