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How the friendship between Trump and DeSantis has changed over time from allies to adversaries

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have had a long and complicated relationship. For years, the two men—a President and a governor—were political allies, but in the last few months their relationship has become increasingly strained.

When DeSantis was first elected governor of Florida in 2018, Trump praised him and called him a “great governor” and a “very special guy”. The two shared many policy positions, such as their support for a crackdown on illegal immigration. Trump even held two huge rallies for DeSantis in 2018, which helped him win the election.

However, in recent months, the relationship between the two men has become increasingly strained. DeSantis has opposed some of Trump’s latest policies, such as the travel ban on individuals from certain countries. He has expressed opposition to the President’s attempts to pressure state elections officials into changing the state’s voting laws, calling it “unprecedented”.