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Global Cylinder Sleeves Market Overview and Analysis of MAHLE, Tenneco(Federal-Mogul), ZYNP, TPR, Bergmann Automotive, NPR, Melling, ZHAOQING POWER, Esteem Auto and more

Cylinder sleeves are often used in automotive and marine industries to protect or reinforce cylinders against wear and tear due to extreme operating temperatures, pressures, and fatigue. In cars or light commercial applications, these sleeves are usually referred to as piston rings. In the past, cylinder sleeves have been made from a variety of materials, including cast iron, aluminum, and steel. However, in today’s market, the most common materials used for cylinder sleeves are cast iron, bronze, and stainless steel.

Cylinder sleeves are used to protect and prolong the life of the engine’s cylinders, pistons, and other components. By using an appropriate cylinder sleeve, the cylinder’s inner diameter and the weight of the piston are also limited. Additionally, they also prevent fuel-air mix from passing through the cylinders, promoting better combustion. In addition, the sleeves are often used for tuning purposes, as different materials and designs increase the pressure within the engine, thus allowing for further engine and power tuning.

The most significant use for cylinder sleeves is in the automotive and marine industries. In the automotive industry, cylinder sleeves are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to stand up to a wide range of conditions. For example, they are used in cars and light commercial vehicles in order to mitigate the wear and tear from varying operating temperatures, pressures, and fatigue. In the marine industry, cylinder sleeves are often used to protect cylinders from extreme conditions such as salt water and corrosion.

The global market for cylinder sleeves is expected to witness a growth in demand over the forecast period, due to its rising use in automotive and marine applications. Furthermore, technological advancements have increased the performance and life of cylinder sleeves, leading to their usage in diverse applications. Several industries such as aerospace, food processing, chemicals, and military are anticipated to boost the usage of cylinder sleeves, thereby driving the global market.

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In Europe market, Cylinder Sleeves key players include MAHLE, Federal-Mogul, Bergmann Automotive, ZYNP, TPR, etc. The top five manufacturers hold a share about 70%. Germany is the largest market, with a share about 35%, followed by Spain and France, total have a share about 20 percent. In terms of product, Cast Iron is the largest segment, with a share about 70%. And in terms of application, the largest application is Passenger Vehicle, followed by Commercial Vehicle.

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