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Global ARFF Vehicles Market Overview and Analysis of Oshkosh, Rosenbauer, E-ONE and more

ARFF is an acronym for Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting. It is a category of emergency-response vehicles specifically designed to deal with emergency situations related to aircraft. They are mostly used at civilian and military airports, in order to quickly get to a scene where aircraft are involved.

ARFF vehicles have specialized design features, such as light and siren systems, elevated platform cabs for a better view of the scene, high-pressure firefighting systems such as an on-board foam tank and foam generators, as well as the ability to carry large quantities of firefighting foam, water, and dry chemical agents into the scene.

The global market for ARFF vehicles is estimated to grow, with increasing aircraft traffic and the modern aviation industry. New global initiatives, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) for ARFF vehicles, are expected to drive the growth of the market. The SARPs are intended to improve the performance, design, and operational effectiveness of ARFF vehicles worldwide.

In addition, the increasing number of airports and rising demand for air travel are expected to increase the demand for ARFF vehicles. Governments of different countries are increasingly investing in safety and emergency-management solutions for airports, which will increase the demand for ARFF vehicles. This demand is especially high in the Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific regions, where the growth of aviation industries is the most prominent.

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The major global companies of ARFF Vehicles include Oshkosh, Rosenbauer, E-ONE etc. In 2021, the world’s top three vendors accounted for approximately % of the revenue.

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