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German Chancellor Plans Talks With Vladimir Putin Despite the Recession

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced plans to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin despite the ongoing global economic recession. Merkel said she wants to discuss economic cooperation with Russia, as well as security and regional stability. Russia has also been invited to take part in the upcoming G-20 summit.

Merkel said she will approach the talks “without prejudice” and hopes to improve diplomatic relations between the two nations. She added that the economic crisis is not a good reason to put an end to relations with Russia, but instead to join together for the larger global benefit.

Merkel’s announcement is likely to be met with mixed reactions, as relations between Germany and Russia have been strained in recent years due to disagreements over issues such as the Ukraine crisis. On the other hand, the talks may offer a way for the two countries to bridge their differences and work together, especially in light of the current economic situation.