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Fears of new summer travel havoc in Europe are increased by flight cancellations and strikes

The summer travel season in Europe is in danger of being thrown into chaos amid fears of further flight cancellations and strikes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Aircrafts have been grounded and airlines have dramatically cut flights since the global Covid-19 outbreak. This has resulted in lower than normal package holiday bookings and could cause further disruption to tourists’ plans.

Fears are also increasing of strikes taking place as a result of reduced salaries and reduced labour rights among airline and airport workers. Pilots, cabin crew, and other staff have already held several protests across Europe, as they plead for better working conditions.

Airports are also facing challenges due to decreased passenger traffic, although some measures have been introduced such as temperature checks and face masks to help reassure travelers.

The summer of 2020 could be an unpredictable one for travelers. It is recommended to book holidays with a flexible change policy to minimise risks. Airports and airlines should also communicate clearly about the new measures they are taking to protect their passengers.