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After Typhoon Mawar damages US Pacific territory, residents lack access to water and electricity

The US Pacific island of Guam has been left without power and water after Typhoon Mawar struck the territory with wind speeds of more than 120 mph.

The storm hit late Wednesday night, bringing flooding and significant damage to homes, businesses, and public infrastructure. According to Guam’s Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Civil Defense, there were more than 19,000 customers without power and 7,000 without water service as of Thursday afternoon, with additional outages possible.

Damage across Guam is widespread, including roads closed due to flooding and debris, major beach erosion, and more than 170 tree falls, some onto homes and power lines. Emergency shelter locations have been opened which can house more than 500 people, and Guam’s government is currently setting up a system to provide food and water to those affected.

The storm’s intensity prevented a thorough initial assessment of damage, but local officials are now beginning to assess and respond to individual needs as the situation stabilizes. Guam’s government has opened a recovery center for those affected by the storm and will offer guidance on recovery efforts, including insurance, debris removal, and available assistance programs. The military bases on the island are also providing assistance to affected residents, although some services may be limited due to damage from the storm.