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After days of battle, Saudi Arabia and the US report improved adherence to the Sudan cease-fire by the opposing parties

The ceasefire between Sudan’s warring forces has been largely respected since it was announced in mid-February, Saudi Arabia and the United States reported.

The two countries, both of which have invested in peace efforts in the country, reported in a joint statement that their observers had documented a reduction in fighting in several pockets of violence as well as improved adherence to a ceasefire by both sides.

The Saudi-US statement also lauded a new deployment of 4,000 peacekeepers planned by Ethiopia to monitor the truce and expressed hope that their presence will help advance the peace process.

The Saudi and US representatives also noted “progress in the parties’ implementation of confidence-building measures” such as the free movement of civilians, humanitarian aid and the distribution of food and medicine.

This comes as Sudan’s military government and a pro-democracy coalition remain at an impasse over the country’s political future. Still, the development is an encouraging sign and a hopeful sign that peace may eventually prevail in the war-torn nation.