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A day after the disastrous DeSantis launch, Twitter’s head of engineering resigns

Twitter’s head of engineering, Reza Zadeh, has resigned a day after a botched launch of a product made to better integrate Twitter with advertisers. The product, reportedly pushed out prematurely by Zadeh’s team, was launched during Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ press conference on Thursday. The product didn’t work as intended and the site was overloaded with traffic.

Following the incident, a spokesman for the company said that they did not plan to make any changes in leadership. However, on Friday, it was announced that Zadeh had resigned from the position, effective immediately. While no official reason was given for Zadeh’s resignation, sources close to the situation say that it was related to the botched rollout.

This event comes after a string of other difficulties at the social media giant. Twitter has struggled to fend off rumors of poor morale among its engineering staff, as well as the perception of inadequate leadership in the face of product missteps, growth stagnation, and data privacy scandals.