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2,500 Poles are compelled to evacuate due to a WWII bomb that never detonated

On Saturday, November 28, 2020, roughly 2,500 people in the Polish city of Szczecin were evacuated after an unexploded World War II bomb was discovered in a nearby residential area. A bomb disposal team from the Polish navy was called to the area and worked through the night to defuse the bomb. The 400-kilogram (880-pound) bomb was initially discovered during construction in the Mokre district on the edge of Szczecin, near the Odra river. During the evacuation, people living near the bomb were bussed to local schools and hotels.

The bomb is believed to have been a remnant from either Allied or German bombing raids during the war, though this has not been officially confirmed. Szczecin, formerly the German city of Stettin, was a major port during World War II and was heavily bombed by both sides. It is not uncommon for unexploded bombs to be found in the area as a result.

The team of engineers successfully defused the bomb and the evacuation was lifted after a few hours.