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2,500 Poles are compelled to evacuate due to a WWII bomb that never detonated

On March 14th, 2021, around 2,500 residents of Gdansk, Poland were evacuated due to a 150-kilogram World War II-era bomb being found.

The unexploded ordnance was found in the afternoon during the excavation of a building site. The evacuation zone included four schools and a medical center, while other homes, churches, a hotel, apartment buildings, and even a shipyard were required to close.

A police spokesman said the bomb was being secured by a bomb disposal team, and the evacuation could be completed by 10 PM. Authorities said that people would be able to return to their homes after the bomb disposal teams had completed their work.

This was not an isolated incident, as unexploded bombs from the war are found all over Poland. The Polish authorities have been encouraging people to contact the police immediately if they spot any suspicious items.