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US engineer reversed the effects of ageing using his son’s blood; find out how

A Texas-based techie turned to his son’s blood to make an anti-aging serum to stay young and healthy.

The techie in question, 55-year-old Jesse Karmazin, claims that he has successfully reversed aging with a $8,000 serum that he created using his son’s blood. According to Karmazin, the serum was made with plasma from his 13-year-old son’s umbilical cord and it has kept him in better physical health than he’s ever been in.

Karmazin calls his invention “young-blood transfusions” and, according to him, it’s already been tested on hundreds of elderly people with positive results. The serum has improved their vision, skin appearance, and even brain function.

Karmazin is now taking his invention to a clinical trial in hopes of getting FDA approval. If it gets approved, the serum will become available to the general public.

In the meantime, you can watch Karmazin’s journey on “The Health Hustle”, a documentary series on YouTube. It will give you an insight into the scientist’s life and the potential benefits of his anti-aging serum.