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Suez traffic has resumed after a ship became momentarily stalled

Normal traffic resumed through the Suez Canal after the Ever Given container ship was successfully refloated on March 29th, 2021. The Suez Canal Authority reported there were no delays or losses of time in the resumption of business after the ship was unblocked.

The 400 meter long Ever Given cargo ship had become stranded in the canal on March 23rd, due to bad weather and high winds. It created a 6-day-long backlog of ships in the canal, costing up to $12-14 billion a day in delays.

The Suez Canal Authority worked tirelessly with international experts to safely refloat the vessel and over one hundred tug boats worked together to dislodge the ship. The SCA also issued a statement thanking the teams of tug boats, dredgers and experts from around the world for their successful efforts in getting the canal back to normal as quickly as possible.

Normal operations are now occurring through the canal, with an estimated remaining queue of between 40 and 47 vessels, a significant reduction from the estimated 400 vessels that were stranded due to the successful refloat.