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Strong 6.6-magnitude earthquake jolts the Panama-Colombia border as it impacts the Caribbean

A strong 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck the Caribbean Sea late on Tuesday, causing at least one death in Panama and jolting buildings on the Panama-Colombia border.

The US Geological Survey said the quake struck at 10.41 pm local time 64 km (40 miles) northwest of the city of Puerto Obaldia in Panama.

The Panamanian government said one person was killed in the Shakelett district of Cocle province, close to the epicentre of the quake, and three homes and two stores were damaged by the quake.

The Panamanian government said the quake was felt most intensely in several provinces in the country, including Cocle, Panama, Colon and Darien.

In the Colombian city of Turbo, located around 37 km (23 miles) from the epicentre, authorities spoke of a second death, but nothing has officially been confirmed.

Panamanian authorities declared a yellow alert and immediately activated all their security protocols to ensure the well-being of the population.