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Satellite Launch Facility Being Built by North Korea With “New Urgency”

In late August 2020, North Korea revealed that it had begun the construction of a new site for the launch of satellites. According to North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency, construction of the new facility began “with special attention and new urgency.”

The news report does not make a specific location for the launch site. However, some observers believe that the new site is likely to be the Tongchang-ri rocket launch site in the far northwestern corner of the country. The site has been renovated recently and there have also been reports of new construction taking place.

It is believed that this new launch site is being constructed so that North Korea can begin launching larger versions of missiles or even satellites into more distant orbits. This would be in line with North Korea’s stated desire to develop its space exploration capabilities.

The construction of the new satellite launch site is a sign that North Korea is continuing to develop and refine its military capabilities. It is a signal that the country is determined to maintain its current status as a nuclear-armed state and not be swayed from its current path.