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Party Leaders Are Being Forced To Resign, According To Imran Khan, Amid Army Standoff

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, has called on the leaders of his country’s two main political parties to resign. This follows a standoff between the army and the government that Khan accuses the political parties of being complicit in.

Khan has said that he wants the leaders of the Pakistan Muslim League and the Pakistan People’s Party to “step aside” until a new political system can be formed to “set the country on the path of progress and prosperity.”

He has accused the leaders of the parties of having a “selfish agenda,” and of “exploiting people’s patriotism and emotions” for their own personal gain. Khan has also said that the country’s current political system is “corrupt” and “inefficient.”

Khan’s calls come after the army accused the political parties of “exploiting the sacred institution of democracy” by using its power for their own political interests. The military has also accused the parties of “encouraging sectarianism” and “promoting divisions” in Pakistan.

The situation escalated after the parties refused to accept Khan’s offer of a democratic transition within the framework of a new institutional system. This led to the army taking over control of the government in a de facto state of emergency, leading to protests from the opposition.

Khan’s calls may lead to a major reshuffle in the country’s political landscape and a possibly much-needed overhaul of its current system. However, it is unclear whether or not the leaders of the parties will actually resign.