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North Korea proposes a spy satellite while South Korea launches its first commercial-grade satellite

South Korea has launched its first commercial-grade satellite, the Naro-1, into space. The satellite is intended to be used for space research as well as providing TV and Internet services. The launch marks an important milestone for South Korea, and the government has set a goal of launching 10 more of these satellites by 2025.

Meanwhile, North Korea is reportedly planning to launch its own satellite which is believed to be used for espionage purposes. North Korea has made similar claims before, but the launch of the Naro-1 satellite demonstrates its ability to enter the space race among Asian nations.

The launch is seen as a stark reminder of the rivalry and tension between the two nations. The South Korean launch has been monitored closely by the US military and other international organizations, in order to ensure that North Korea does not gain access to the highly sensitive technology and data from the craft.