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New meningitis vaccine praised as “a game-changer”

Health experts have hailed a new vaccine against meningitis as a major step forward in preventing the disease in the UK.

The group Meningitis Now said the MenACWY jab would provide protection against four main types of meningococcal disease, which can cause life-threatening infections of the brain and spinal cord.

It is new recommended that all teenagers aged 14 and 15 have the vaccine as part of the NHS childhood immunisation schedule.

The move is an important step forward for the UK, said Meningitis Now, as it will reduce the incidence of meningitis and significantly lower the risk of potential long-term conditions.

Chief Executive of Meningitis Now, Suzie Chambers, said: “The introduction of this vaccine is a game-changer in our fight against meningitis and could well be the single biggest step forward since the introduction of the MenC vaccine. “It is vital that young people and their families understand the importance of this vaccine and ensure they complete all their immunisations when they are due.”