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Meta, the owner of Facebook, begins the last round of layoffs

Facebook owner Meta announced on Friday the completion of its previously announced round of layoffs, cutting dozens of jobs in an effort to streamline its business and focus on core products. The company, which makes augmented and virtual reality gear, said it has reduced its workforce by 15 percent in order to become more efficient and innovative in its core business and existing product lines.

The total number of employees affected was not specified, though the company did say it had spread out the layoffs over several locations, including its San Francisco headquarters. It is not yet known which specific roles were impacted.

Meta had already laid off 35 of its 140-person staff so the total number of employees now impacted is nearly 70. With the layoffs, the company is citing a need to cut costs and focus on core products and applications. Meta had recently discussed expanding into health care, virtual reality training and other areas, but those plans have apparently been put on hold.

In the wake of the layoffs, it’s unclear if Meta is still on track to become profitable in 2018.