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Iran releases its most recent ballistic missile as tensions over its nuclear programme grow

Iran has unveiled a new version of its most advanced ballistic missile, despite ongoing tensions over its nuclear program. The missile, named Qiam, was unveiled as part of a military exercise which reportedly showed off the capabilities of the country’s missile and air defence systems.

The missile has a range of 800 km and carries a 750 kg warhead, according to Iran’s Tasnim News Agency. The missile is capable of reaching targets in Israel, and analysts have highlighted the fact that the missile could be used to hit US bases in the region.

The unveiling of the new missile comes amid ongoing tensions between Iran and the US over its nuclear program. Washington has been pressing Tehran to limit its uranium enrichment activities and has demanded that it halt its ballistic missile tests.

The US has also imposed economic sanctions on Iran, including a ban on purchasing new weapons from foreign countries. At the same time, Iran has criticized the US for withdrawing from the nuclear deal in 2018 and for reimposing sanctions on the country.

The launch of the Qiam missile is likely to increase tensions between Washington and Tehran, while also raising concerns about Iran’s regional ambitions.