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How China has expanded its sway in central Asia

  1. Investing in Infrastructure Projects: China has been investing heavily in infrastructure projects in Central Asia, including new railway lines, highways and pipelines. Projects such as the Central Asia Gas Pipeline and the Eurasian Continental Bridge have increased connectivity and trade between the region and China.
  2. Expanding Diplomatic Engagement: China has sought to expand its diplomatic relations in Central Asia, establishing strategic partnerships. China has opened multiple embassies in the region, and actively pursued cultural exchange programs.
  3. Implementing Economic Development Programs: China has launched several economic development programs in Central Asia, such as the Silk Road Fund, which provides low-cost loans to regional governments for infrastructure projects. China has also invested in agricultural projects, encouraging increased agricultural production and strengthening regional food sovereignty.
  4. Promoting Cultural Understanding: China has actively worked to expand its cultural influence in Central Asia, with programs such as the China-Central Asia Dialogue program, which works to boost understanding of the culture and language of the region.