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Global Liquid Caramel Color Market Overview and Analysis of DDW, Sethness, Ingredion and more

Liquid caramel color is a type of food ingredient used to obtain the color of caramel. It is manufactured by heating carbohydrates in the presence of acids, alkalis, or enzymes, creating various shades of brown. Common uses include soft drinks, beer, soy sauce, and ice cream.

Liquid caramel color is widely used because of its enhanced solubility, stability, cost-effectiveness, and easy handling. It is often used to improve the look of a product with minimal impact on taste.

Liquid caramel color is typically used as an ingredient in foods and beverages, specifically for coloring. In Europe, it is used as a food coloring additive according to the EU Food Additives Regulation, numbered 133 and 138. In the United States, liquid caramel color is a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) ingredient recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Overall, the global demand for liquid caramel color is expected to grow significantly due to the rise in the consumption of processed and ready-to-eat foods and beverages. The North American region is projected to dominate the market, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific, owing to the burgeoning demand for foods and beverages with natural colors.

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This report aims to provide a comprehensive presentation of the global market for Liquid Caramel Color, with both quantitative and qualitative analysis, to help readers develop business/growth strategies, assess the market competitive situation, analyze their position in the current marketplace, and make informed business decisions regarding Liquid Caramel Color.

In the United States, the main producers are DDW and Sethness and Ingredion, etc. DDW and Sethness account for 95% of the market share.

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