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Global Chilled Food Packaging Market Overview and Analysis of Amcor, Berry Global, Sonoco Products, Ampac Holdings, International Paper and more

Chilled food packaging is a form of packaging used to help keep food chilled and fresh, often for long periods of time. This type of packaging can extend the shelf life of food products by airtightly wrapping and creating barriers that help prevent the food from spoiling or losing its flavor. It can also help to keep food in a consistent temperature range.

Chilled food packaging can be made out of a variety of materials, such as plastics, metals, and paper-based materials. The most common type is plastic film, which is often used to make pouches, shrink bags, and lidding materials. There are also different types of coatings that can be applied to plastic films to increase their barrier properties.

Chilled food packaging is used around the world, in both the retail and foodservice sectors. In retail, chilled food packaging is used to package a wide range of foods, including dairy products, salads, ready meals, meat, fish, and sandwiches. In foodservice, it is commonly used to package sushi boxes, sandwiches and wrap, and individual salads.

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In SEA, Chilled Food Packaging key players include Amcor, Berry Global, Sonoco Products, Ampac Holdings, International Paper, etc. SEA top five manufacturers hold a share over 3%.

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