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French PM accuses biographer of invading her privacy and files lawsuit

French President Emmanuel Macron has reportedly sued the publisher of a book about her life for allegedly violating her privacy.

According to media reports, Macron is suing publisher Fayard and the author of the book, journalist Anna Fulda, claiming that the book includes personal information about Macron that was not authorized for publication, and which Fulda accessed without her consent.

The 600-page biography was released last month and has reportedly sold more than 60,000 copies in France. The book alleges various details about Macron’s personal life, her relationships, her family, her studies and her career. Macron is seeking an apology and damages from the publisher and author for violating her privacy.

If the French court sides with Macron, this could be a major precedent regarding an individual’s privacy in the country. It is not the first time that Macron has taken legal action against the press, as she has already successfully sued French publication Closer over a series of private photos taken while Macron was on holiday in 2017.