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Cyprus is putting more effort into maintaining air safety in the face of Turkish warplane intrusions

In light of the increased incursions of Turkish warplanes in Cyprus’ airspace in recent weeks, Cyprus has taken steps to ensure air safety. The changes come amid a diplomatic row between Turkey and the EU over gas exploration in Cypriot waters.

The island has strengthened its air defense system with the deployment of local fighter jets and early warning systems. It has also issued strict flight rules and altitude limits for pilots over its territory in order to reduce the risks posed by the Turkish warplanes.

In addition, the Cypriot Air Navigation Services and the Aviation Safety Investigation Bureau are working together to monitor the activities of Turkish warplanes in the area and report any violations to the relevant authorities.

The government has also urged the international community to take a firmer stance against Turkish aggression, and has called on the EU to impose sanctions on Ankara for its continued violations of international law.

Ultimately, Cyprus is determined to ensure that its air spaces remain secure and that its citizens are safe from any potential risks posed by Turkish warplanes.