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Chinese manufacturer of augmented reality glasses Nreal changes its name to Xreal to compete with IT behemoths

Nreal, a leading provider of augmented reality (AR) glasses, has announced its rebranding as Xreal.

As part of the rebranding, the company also announced additional financing of $40 million, with plans to use the funds to fuel rapid growth and take on tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, in the AR hardware space.

The rebranding process began late last year, and the new Xreal logo was designed to reflect the company’s vision to “connect the virtual world to the physical world”. In order to turn that vision into reality, Xreal is transforming technological innovation with the development of a range of products, from professional-level AR glasses to consumer-level devices.

Xreal’s products are designed to be far more lightweight and user-friendly than current AR technology, with the goal of making AR hardware accessible to the masses. The company has already made large strides towards achieving this goal, recently partnering with Qualcomm to develop their next-generation of AR glasses.

Speaking on the rebranding, Xreal CEO Xu Chi said: “The rebranding of Nreal to Xreal marks a growth milestone for the company, as we strive to become the leader in AR hardware and help consumers access the convenience of AR technology in every day life.”

Xreal is not the only company in the race for AR technology supremacy. However, by optimizing technology, developing innovative products, and spreading its products to consumers, Xreal is positioning itself as the go-to leader in augmented reality hardware.