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By asking Modi to a state visit, the Biden administration is playing a long game, says an expert

The Biden administration’s invitation to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a state visit is a testament to the long-term view both countries have for their strategic partnership, according to experts on India-U.S. relations.

The invitation, which was made by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, signals the Biden administration’s commitment to further strengthening diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Experts say President Biden’s invitation to Modi signals the administration’s recognition of the importance of India as an important geostrategic ally, and of India’s importance in the Indo-Pacific region. India is a growing market for U.S.-made defense equipment and services, and the stateside visit will likely open the door to even deeper collaboration between the two countries in the military and economic spheres.

At the same time, the invitation also acknowledges India’s achievements in science and technology, and underscores the Biden administration’s desire to work together with India to tackle global challenges such as climate change.

The visit is also likely to reinforce the two countries’ shared commitment to upholding democratic norms and values, and further cement their deepening strategic partnership.

In short, the Biden administration’s invitation to Modi for a state visit is a clear sign that both countries are committed to strengthening their long-term ties.