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Authorities say one of the most wanted fugitives from the Rwandan genocide has been captured

The individual, identified as Felicien Kabuga, is suspected of being the primary financier and key organizing figure of the Rwandan genocide in 1994. The arrest was made in the Parisian suburb of Asnières-sur-Seine by the French police, in cooperation with INTERPOL and the Rwandan government. Kabuga, now in his 80s, had been on the run from international justice for over two decades. He was found living under a false identity in a small and discreet apartment. It is reported that he was a successful businessman in the late 1990s and was believed to have invested his wealth to stay hidden in many countries.

Kabuga is facing charges including genocide, complicity in genocide, and crimes against humanity. The French authorities are expected to soon begin extradition proceedings to have him sent to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Tanzania. His arrest has been seen as a significant moment in international justice for those affected by the Rwandan genocide.