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Asylum seekers in Ireland who are running from violence and persecution feel intimidated by far-right groups

Asylum-seekers in Ireland are finding themselves increasingly threatened by far-right activists. Groups such as ‘Patriots of the Republic of Ireland’, ‘Ireland First’, and ‘Reclaim Ireland’ have held a number of violent protests in Dublin and around the country, targeting refugees and asylum-seekers.

The activists have displayed banners with messages such as “no more immigrants” and “Ireland for Irish,” while chanting slogans like “This stops today.” These protests have been organized, often online, and are well-publicised in advance. As a result, many asylum-seekers feel scared and alienated in their new home.

The Irish government has condemned these actions and emphasised its commitment to equal rights and protecting vulnerable people. The Minister for Justice has noted that racism and xenophobia have no place in Ireland and that asylum-seekers have the right to live free of fear and discrimination.

The government has also introduced new laws allowing for tougher prosecution of hate crimes and more effective management of immigration and asylum applications. It has also invested in support and integration programmes for refugees and asylum-seekers.