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After a technical issue, South Korea is scheduled to launch its third homegrown rocket tomorrow

The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) will launch the Nuri rocket, a three-stage solid fuel rocket, from the Naro Space Center in Goheung, South Gyeongsang province at 5:30 PM on Wednesday.

The Nuri was initially planned to launch last Thursday, but was postponed after a technical issue was detected in its first stage booster.

KARI has since inspected the rocket and conducted additional tests and adjustments to ensure the reliability and safety of the launch.

The Nuri rocket will be carrying three satellites, weighing a total of 210 kilograms, into orbit. This will be South Korea’s third domestically-developed launch vehicle following the Naro and Korea Space Launch Vehicle (KSLV) rockets.

It is expected to be a milestone for South Korea’s space industry and provide momentum for the development of more sophisticated rockets, such as the KSLV-2 that is currently in the early stages of development.