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A Tunisian court frees a well-known radio director from custody

A Tunisian court has released a prominent radio director from jail after two months in pre-trial detention.

Anouar Kattan was interim director of Sudanese private radio station Sawt El-Ghad, which broadcasts across Tunisia, when he was arrested in April.

He had been sentenced to a month in prison for broadcasting an edition of a talk show which criticised a government official.

Kattan was released from prison on Monday, after a court reversed its earlier decision and granted a conditional release.

His lawyers had argued that the original punishment was disproportionate and had violated Kattan’s rights to freedom of expression.

Kattan has been released provisionally and is forbidden from leaving Tunis. The case is still subject to ongoing investigation.

The release of Kattan has been welcomed by his colleagues and members of Tunisia’s civil society, who had campaigned for his release.

It is yet another sign of greater press freedom in the North African country since the ousting of President Ben Ali in 2011.