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Will the taxpayers cover Prince Harry’s security costs? Details of Duke’s conflict with the UK

There has been growing concern about the cost of providing private security for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since they stepped back from royal duties.

The government has confirmed that it is continuing to provide armed security for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but the precise cost has not been revealed.

The British taxpayer is currently helping to fund the costs of having a “round-the-clock team of specialist protection officers” following the couple’s move to the United States.

The couple said recently that they are committed to covering their own security costs, but the issue is a point of contention between Harry and the UK government.

The UK government has refused to provide the details of the estimated level of security spending, citing security reasons. However, some experts suggest that the cost could be around £20 million (approximately $26 million) per year.

Given the importance of protecting public figures such as the Duke and Duchess, it is likely that some level of security will continue to be paid for by the British taxpayer. The responsibility for what and how much is ultimately unclear as the issue is a matter of debate between Harry and the UK government.