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The presidential election in Ecuador is scheduled for August 20

The National Electoral Council of Ecuador has announced August 20 as the date for the presidential election. The election comes after the current President, Rafael Correa, announced his intention not to seek a fourth term in office.

The election will decide who will serve the next four-year term and will be the first election without Correa as the president since he took office in 2007. Twelve presidential candidates, including environmental activistlawyer Yaku Perez, former Vice President Lenin Moreno, and former Women’s National Soccer Team head coach Patricio Bustamante, are running for the office.

The Electoral Council also stated that it is taking steps to ensure the election is free and fair. This includes electronic voting machines, heightened security measures, and public scrutiny of the entire voting process. Polls will officially open on August 20, and the electoral body will be relaying results on social media as they come in.

Given Rafael Correa’s popularity and the controversy surrounding the current governing body, much anticipation is surrounding the election. Political observers have noted that the election is a turning point for the nation, as the new president will take office in May 2017. It is expected that the new president will play a pivotal role in restoring Ecuador to a more favorable standing in the international community.