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LinkedIn influencer’s questionable Hitler adulation angers people

A LinkedIn influencer caused outrage recently after praising Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler during a video posted on his profile. The influencer, Eren Ankara, was responding to a survey in which he was asked who he thought were the most influential world leaders in modern history. Ankara praised Hitler, saying that he “refreshed the world economy and reinforced Germany as a country.” He then went on to add that “it is no secret that he also brought extreme terror to the world.”

The video sparked strong reactions from social media users, who accused Ankara of “trivializing” Hitler’s crimes. Many condemned Ankara for overlooking and ignoring Hitler’s role in the Holocaust and other war crimes, and called for his removal from the platform. Ankara later released an apology, stating that he did not mean to glorify Hitler and his actions, but rather wanted to highlight the positive impact he had on the German economy. Ankara also pledged to take down the video and apologized for “any hurt or offense caused.”