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France wants visitors to take railways instead of short-haul flights. Reasons why

The French government recently announced that it plans on banning short-haul flights in the country by 2035, in a move to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move towards more sustainable forms of transportation.

The French government has argued that by 2025, short-haul flights (which usually fly within France instead of between two countries) will account for up to 25 percent of French aviation emissions and have pushed for travellers to opt for more environmentally friendly transit such as rail.

French President Emmanuel Macron also noted that short-haul flights were often more expensive than other options, such as a high-speed train, and encouraged citizens to take more sustainable forms of transport that also offer additional benefits like being more comfortable and less stressful.

The French government hopes that the ban on short-haul flights will reduce the country’s carbon footprint in the coming decades and continue to push for more environmentally friendly transit options.