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According to the Black Sea agreement, Ukraine claims that Russia has decreased grain exports

Ukraine has accused Russia of reducing grain exports to Ukraine under a Black Sea deal by as much as 70-80%. In accordance with the deal, Ukraine has recently sought to import 700,000 tons of grain from Russia. However, Ukrainian officials have said that the actual deliveries have totaled no more than 200,000 tons.

The spokesperson from the Ukrainian government said that the shortage in the grain supplies is due to Russia’s decision to discontinue the delivery of grain. He has also stated that the government would be looking into the issue further in order to clarify the situation.

Russia has, however, denied the accusations leveled by Ukraine. The Russian government claims that Ukraine’s insufficient storage facilities and logistical challenges have caused the deliveries to be slowed down. The Russian government also said that it had done its best to facilitate the grain shipments in accordance with the terms of the deal.