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US has serious worries about China’s behaviour, according to the White House

  1. Human Rights Abuses: The US has raised concerns about China’s ongoing human rights abuses, including the mass detention of Uighur Muslims, the suppression of religious freedom, and the imprisonment of political dissidents.
  2. Unfair Trade Practices: The US has criticized China for its unfair trade practices, such as cyber theft of US intellectual property and the manipulation of its currency to gain an unfair advantage in trade.
  3. Military Expansion: The US has warned against China’s aggressive military expansion in the South China Sea and its attempts to militarize artificial islands in the region.
  4. Territorial Disputes: The US has expressed concern over China’s territorial disputes with its neighbors, such as Japan and India, and its attempts to expand its influence in the region.
  5. Cyber Espionage: The US has accused China of cyber espionage and of using malicious cyber activities to steal US trade secrets and gain an economic advantage.