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US and Indian air forces are negotiating a sharing of information agreement: Secret US Air Force Kendall, Frank

US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall has said that the United States and India are working on an information sharing agreement between their air forces. Kendall made the announcement during the Indian Air Force’s annual press conference in New Delhi.

Kendall said the two countries have been working on the agreement for the past year, and that the agreement would allow for more effective coordination and cooperation between the two air forces. He added that the agreement would also provide a framework for sharing information on air operations and tactics.

Kendall also praised the Indian Air Force for its professionalism, saying that it had become a key partner for the US Air Force in the Indo-Pacific region. He also said that the US Air Force was looking forward to deepening its partnership with the Indian Air Force, and was committed to working together to promote stability and security in the region