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Pakistan: An confrontation with terrorists in South Waziristan results in the death of an ISI Brigadier

On June 15, 2021, a senior Pakistani intelligence officer was killed in an encounter with militants in South Waziristan. The officer was identified as Brigadier Shaukat Qureshi of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Reports say that Qureshi was leading a search operation in the region when he and his team were attacked by militants. Qureshi was killed in the ensuing exchange of fire, while four of his team members were injured.

Qureshi was a highly decorated officer who had served in the ISI for over three decades. He was awarded several gallantry awards for his service to Pakistan.

His death is a major blow to the country’s security forces. Pakistan has been struggling to contain terrorism in the region, and the loss of a senior officer to militant violence is a reminder of the ongoing challenges.