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In Milan, hundreds protest the crackdown on same-sex parents

Hundreds of people gathered in the city center of Milan, Italy on Sunday to protest a new law that would make it much harder for same-sex parents to adopt or foster children.

The proposed law, which is expected to be approved in the coming weeks, would require same-sex parents to prove a biological link to any child they want to adopt or foster. The law would also require couples to provide evidence that they have been married for at least three years before they could be approved to adopt or foster children.

The protesters held signs with slogans such as “A family is not defined by biology” and “Love is love”. They also chanted “No to discrimination” as they marched through the streets of Milan.

The protest was organized by Arcigay, Italy’s biggest LGBT rights group, and was supported by the city’s mayor. The mayor called the law “discriminatory” and said he was committed to fighting it.

The law has been criticized by LGBT rights groups across the world for its discriminatory nature. They argue that it is wrong to deny same-sex parents the right to adopt or foster children simply because they are not biologically related.