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The timing couldn’t be better for Defunc to begin producing real wireless gadgets in India, according to the founder

The timing for Mumbai-based startup Defunc to start manufacturing true wireless devices in India couldn’t be better, according to its founder, Johan Svanberg. The company, which specialises in making headphones, speakers and other audio products, has seen a surge in demand for its true wireless earphones, as more people look to cut the cord and ditch the traditional headphones.

“We have long had plans to set up a manufacturing facility in India, and the timing is now just right,” Svanberg said. The company is planning to set up an assembly line in the country and will be looking to employ local staff to carry out the assembly, testing and quality control processes. Svanberg believes that the move will help the company to reduce costs and also create jobs in the country.

“We are looking forward to working closely with the local community to create a mutually beneficial relationship,” he said. He also believes that the move will help the company to better serve its customers in India, by providing them with more timely and reliable products.