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Prince Harry files a defamation lawsuit against a tabloid over a security story

Prince Harry has filed a lawsuit against the Daily Mail, alleging defamation over a story the newspaper ran about the security arrangements for his family. The lawsuit alleges that the article made false and defamatory claims about Prince Harry and his family’s security arrangements, and “undermined their privacy and security.”

The lawsuit, filed in the High Court of England and Wales, seeks unspecified damages as well as legal costs and an injunction preventing further publication of similar stories. The article in question, titled “Revealed: Prince Harry and Meghan’s £2m security bill,” was published by the Daily Mail in November 2020.

The article claimed that the royal family had spent “a staggering £2million” on the couple’s security arrangements in the wake of their decision to step back from royal duties. But the lawsuit claims that the article was “highly misleading” and did not accurately reflect the true cost of the security arrangements.

The lawsuit also claims that the article breached Prince Harry’s privacy and that of his family, and that it was part of a campaign of “harassment” by the newspaper.