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Finding a way to provide Tanzania’s kids domestic workers a better future

Increase Access to Education: Education is a fundamental right and essential to Tanzania’s economic development. Efforts should be made to increase access to education for child domestic workers and other vulnerable children. This can include providing scholarships and subsidizing educational fees.

Create and Enforce Labor Laws: Tanzania should create labor laws to protect child domestic workers that include a minimum age of employment, a maximum amount of hours they can work, and a minimum amount of pay they should receive. These laws should be enforced by the government and employers should be held accountable for any violations.

Provide Job Training and Skills Development: Providing job training and skills development to child domestic workers can help them find better employment opportunities and escape the cycle of poverty. Vocational training and job placement services should be made available for these children.

Increase Support for Families: Many child domestic workers come from impoverished backgrounds, and often their families are unable to provide for them. Increasing access to social protection, such as cash transfers and access to basic services, can help families provide for their children and reduce the number of children entering into domestic work.