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A leading EU judge anticipates a rush of legal challenges from tech firms to the new tech regulation

The new European Union Digital Services Act is expected to bring a wave of lawsuits from tech giants against the new tech law, according to top EU judge Maciej Szpunar.

The new law, which seeks to regulate how tech companies operate in the EU, has been criticized by some as overly restrictive and overly broad in scope. Szpunar, who is the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice, said that the new rules create a “considerable risk” of legal challenges from the tech companies it will affect.

He added that the rules are “tough” and “will not be welcomed by the digital giants”, citing the fact that the law applies to companies globally, rather than just those based in the EU.

The regulations, which are set to come into effect in December, could potentially give the EU more power to regulate the tech industry, including greater control over how data is collected, processed, and shared. It could also require companies to give users more control over their data and limit the use of algorithms to determine pricing or other decisions.