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Wollongong residents are outraged after learning that Port Kembla will be the east coast base for Aukus submarines

Residents of Wollongong are expressing their anger and frustration after it was reported that Port Kembla would be chosen as the east coast base for Australia’s new fleet of attack submarines.

The decision is seen as a major blow to the local economy and has angered many locals who already feel neglected by state and federal governments.

The local community has long been asking for more investment in local infrastructure and services, and were hoping the decision to base the submarines at Port Kembla would bring significant investment and jobs to the area.

Instead, the announcement has been met with disappointment and anger, with many residents saying the decision shows the government does not care about the people of Wollongong or the local economy.

There are also concerns about the potential environmental impact, with the submarines likely to bring more noise, pollution and disruption to the area.

The decision has reignited calls for more investment in the local economy and infrastructure, with many locals calling on the government to listen to their concerns and invest in the local area.